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Kyoto Machiya Restaurant Guide
Traditional Kyoto Cuisine --MIKO

Traditional Kyoto Cuisine --MIKO

This former lumber store has been transformed into a lovely kaiseki restaurant. For centuries, lumber and charcoal were transported west to east a long Marutamachi- dori(“log street") to Kiyamachi(“wood district”),supplying the entertainment districts with charcoal for heating and cooking and the Gojo district with cords of wood for the pottery kilns there. One lumber shop still exists on this little street,giving credence to the former existence of others.   
A simple white noren curtain hangs outside the dark wooden-lattice front of this two-story building,indicating it is open for dining. The front half of the restaurant with table-and-chair seating was originally where lumber was stored, so this area is quite large. The rooms farther back offer tatami seating.   Interior wooden surfaces are polished to a dark sheen, as are the traditional chests and sliding closet doors in the entrance. The black-lacquered tables in the front room have a lustrous red lacquer stripe running down their centers,providing a vivid parallel to the red-lacquered trays on which the traditional cuisine is served.   
Kaiseki is the most elegant and traditional form of Japanese cuisine,and each beautifully presented and delicate-tasting ingredient at Miko corresponds to the current season.
The two-tiered lunch box is served with a bowl of rice, clear soup, and for dessert, a scoop of creamy green-tea ice cream.
Because kaiseki is so labor intensive, the price is often expensive,so sampling this cuisine for lunch(which runs about ¥2575)is a wise choice for beginners.

■ 2 blocks south of Marutamachi-dori(or 1 block north of Ebisugawa-dori),just west of Kawaramachi-dori on east side of street.
Open 11:30am-2:30pm/5:30pm-9:30pm.  Closed Wednesday(unless Wednesday is a national holiday)and 3rd Tuesday of month.
phone 075-221-4826
adress 193-1 . nishikoudo-tyo .kawaramachi-ebisugawa nishi-iru.nakagyo-ku.Kyoto
From Kyoto Machiya Restaurant Guide Written by Judith Clancy


京在住の米国人女性 140店以上紹介 建築様式解説も  
京都市内に40年以上住んでいる米国人女性が、町家レストランを紹介した英文ガイド本「kyoto Machiya Restaurant Guide」を出版した。
1970年に来日し上京区の町家に住んでいるジュディス・クランシーさん(67)=写真 欧米と違い日本ではホームパーティーが少ないため、日本家屋の構造や内部を見る機会が少ないことを以前から残念に思っていた。   外国人観光客にとって、町家レストランは、日本建築や庭を見ながら食事もできる貴重な場所だが、店外に英語メニューを出す店は少なく入店しにくいという。
 京都で、6年かけて300店以上を食べ歩いたというクランシーさん。ガイド本では、10地域にわけて計140店以上を紹介している。町家だけでなく、お茶屋や近代建築を再生させたレストランも含んおり、建築様式などの解説を付けた。ディナーより低価格のランチのメニューと値段を掲載した。  クランシーさんは「外国人観光客が楽しめるように、京都の飲食店に、もっと英語のメニューや案内を増やしてほしい」と要望している。定価16・95/(約1600円)。米国ストーンーブリッジープレス刊